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Brian Glodney: Capturing Mother Earth


Brian Glodney is a photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He has garnered much recognition for his works, including finalist in the 2013 See.Me Creatives and grand prize winner in the Trust for Public Land Photography Competition. Brian’s works have also been exhibited at galleries and published in on-line magazines. Brian talks to atlas about his Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde approach to photography and how other photographers’ images have influenced his work.

When did you first become interested in photography?

Brian Glodney: The idea that I could capture fleeting moments and share those with others first developed in a high school photography class – Intro to Black & White Photography. I was always fascinated by the spectacular beauty captured by photographers in far off places –- I could now learn the mechanics, the process, the art of capturing my own.

What do you enjoy shooting the most and why?

I find grand landscapes the most rewarding and the most challenging. A great image is usually equal parts luck and skill. I find the challenge behind each image is just as rewarding as the image itself. From hours upon hours of travel, to the ascent of an alpine peak, to the traversing a river valley – the journey is as rewarding as a beautiful capture. The natural world occupies a large part of my photographic captures — the world is so incredibly vast, varied and awe-inspiring.


What approach do you take with your photography?

My approach to photography may be described as a Dr. Jekyll – Mr. Hyde way of working. I like to be highly prepared for the moment I might encounter, but letting that moment of discovery come to me. I always have my pack with me, ready for the landscape, the light, the drama to come together in one moment. Photography for me is a motivator to explore, wander, travel, and experience life. If you’re only focused on what you may see through the viewfinder, you are failing to truly experience the moment.

Are there any photographers who influenced your work? If so, who?

I have always admired other photographers’ works and am inspired by others’ passion, enthusiasm and creativity. I think we all influence each other especially in this hyper-share world.

Were you self-taught or did you have a formal education in photography?

Aside from an introduction to photography, I have and continue to rely on other photographers, literature, and trial and error. You have to shoot endlessly and tirelessly to not only become technically proficient, but to also find your style and your voice through your lens.


What kind of camera and equipment do you use?

I am a Canon-user through and through. My go-to kit, from trekking in Nepal to wandering the desert Southwest of the US, is the 5D Mark iii and the 24-105mm f/4L IS USM, with an Induro tripod, a range of filters, a remote, and my headlamp. I prefer to travel light and have gear that can adapt to the moment. It allows me to be flexible and nimble – also saving weight on long treks and long queues at airport customs. 

If you had one piece of advice for a novice photographer, what would it be?

Travel. Shoot. Learn the technical aspects of your gear and the science behind it. Travel more. Shoot more. Enjoy the journey.

For more information about Brian, visit his website. All images © Brian Glodney.

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